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Arsenal Midstream, LLC, located at 65 Professional Place, Suite 200, Bridgeport, West Virginia 26330, owns and operates natural gas pipeline systems in the Counties of Harrison, Taylor, Barbour, and Marion.
Arsenal Midstream, LLC maintains and operates a Damage Prevention Program for its operations of these pipeline systems. This program includes educating and notifying the public about specific operational requirements and the existence of the program. These requirements include:
• Notify Miss Utility of West Virginia 48 hours prior to digging if you plan to excavate and/or blast within two hundred (200) feet of our pipeline right-of-way. Company personnel will locate the pipeline for you to ensure safe excavation and/or blasting.
• Contact and/or advise others who you believe to be working near our pipeline to notify Miss Utility of West Virginia 48 hours prior to digging or performing any activity that might damage our pipeline system.
• Be aware of gas leaks/emergencies and report them immediately. Signs of gas leaks include the hissing sound of escaping gas, dead vegetation, blowing earth, bubbling water, and the smell of gas. Emergencies include gas leaks, fire or explosion, natural disasters or civil disobedience. If you suspect that the pipeline is leaking, stay away from the area, have others stay away from the area, and notify the company immediately.
• Do not attempt to locate the gas leak with matches or other open flames. Do not remain in a building if there is a strong odor. Do not turn lights on or off or unplug electrical appliances where there is a strong odor. Do not use a telephone in the area of a strong gas odor including hanging up an ongoing call.
To help us enforce our Damage Prevention Program and ensure the safe operation of our pipeline system, please call these numbers to report excavation projects or suspected gas leaks:
Daytime 304-848-3058
Emergency: 1-877-839-6295
Police: 911
Fire Department: 911
Miss Utility of WV 1-800-245-4848
Millions of Americans rely on clean, efficient natural gas to fuel homes and workplaces, with no thought about the vast network of pipelines that crisscross the country transporting this abundant source of clean energy from the wellhead to the burner tip. However, pipelines can be damaged by earth disturbance activities such as excavation, drilling, blasting, land movement and vandalism. Interference with pressured pipelines and connected equipment by untrained persons can be dangerous.
While it is highly unlikely that these facilities will experience problems, we are providing this safety information to you so you will know how to identify problems and what to do if they occur. Please keep the information in a convenient place to assist you should you ever need to contact Arsenal Midstream, LLC.
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