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IN THE FAMILY/CIRCUIT COURT OF FAYETTE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA AFFIDAVIT OF OUT-OF-STATE OR UNKNOWN RESIDENCY 15-D-205 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA COUNTY OF FAYETTE, to-wit: I, REBECCA SUE FORD, after being sworn, do say that I am the Petitioner in the foregoing Petition for Divorce now pending in the Family Court of Fayette County, West Virginia; and further that: The Respondent, BRUCE EDWARD FORD, II I have used due diligence to determine the address of the Respondent and have been unable to locate it. The address of the Respondent is unknown to me. Rebecca Ford Petitioner, Pro Se Taken, sworn to, and subscribed before me this 28th day of May, 2015. My Commission expires November 27, 2023. Samuel W. Hilliard Notary Public 6-18-THR-2-FT; LG 284