Board of Zoning Meeting

The City of Fairmont’s Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing for the following request on June 3rd at 7:00 P.M. at the Public Safety Building, 500 Quincy Street, at which time interested persons may appear and be heard.
• Little General Store Inc. is requesting a variance from section 5.2.2.D.ii.c – Architectural Requirements related to transparency requirements for commercial buildings. The petition is to reduce the requirement of 70% windows and doorways on the street facing facade down to 48.7%. The property is located at 190 East Grafton Rd.
• James and Susan Williams are requesting a variance from section 3.1.1.F – General Residential General Residential Development Standards for the maximum height of an accessory structure. The petition is requesting to allow for an accessory structure to be 20.1 feet in height rather than the maximum 15 feet in height and for the accessory structure to be two-stories rather than the maximum of one story. The property is located at 622 Jo Harry Drive.
• Matthew and Samantha Lieving are requesting two variances: A variance to section 3.1.1.F – General Residential Development Standards for the setback requirements for principal structures to be less than the required 10% of the lot width, with the approximate requirement of 25 feet being reduced to 15 feet; A variance to section 5.2.2.B.i.b – Architectural Requirements for Residential Buildings which requires all garages with more than two bays to be turned so that the bays are not visible from the street. The petition is to allow for three garage bays to face the street. The property is located at 1649 Big Tree Dr, adjacent to 1647 and 1651 Big Tree Dr.
Madelaine Shultz,
Fairmont Board of
Zoning Appeals
Times: May 19, 2021