Civil Action NO.


First Sentinel Bank,
a corporation,


John Doe,

Civil Action No. 18-C-198-MW


1. The Plaintiff has filed an affidavit with the Court that the name and address of the defendant are unknown.
2. The defendant is the owner of a manufactured home located on real estate commonly identified as HC 78, Box 8 (Trustle Road), Kegley, Rock District, Mercer County, West Virginia, formerly owned by Virgie R. Ferguson.
3. The plaintiff seeks a judgment in this action that declares that it has the right to exclusive possession of the real estate and that the storage of the manufactured home on the real estate without the consent of the plaintiff is unlawful. The plaintiff also seeks an order that directs the defendant to move the manufactured home from the real estate, and declares that, if it is not removed, the defendant forfeits his ownership rights to the manufactured home and that the plaintiff is authorized to dispose of it without any liability to the defendant.
4. The named and address of the plaintiff’s attorney is J. Peter Richardson, Richardson & Davis, PLLC, Post Office Box 1778, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701.
5. A copy of the complaint filed in this action may be obtained in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mercer County, West Virginia, Mercer County Courthouse, 1501 West Main Street, Suite 111, Princeton, West Virginia.
6. The defendant is required to file an answer to the complaint, including any related counterclaim, on or before September 10, 2018, in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mercer County, West Virginia, and to serve a copy of that answer upon the plaintiff’s attorneys. If the defendant fails to do so, judgment by default will be taken against him for the relief demanded in the complaint, and the defendant will be thereafter barred from asserting in another action any claim which must be asserted by counterclaim in this action.
Dated: July 24, 2018

Julie Ball, Clerk of the
Circuit Court of
Mercer County
By: Crystal Worley
Her Deputy

ID: 122987