Marion County

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Trustee’s Sale of Valuable Real Estate – Sealey

TRUSTEE’S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE The undersigned Substitute Trustee, by virtue of the authority vested in him by that certain Deed of Trust, dated September 20, 2004, and duly recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Marion County, West Virginia, in Document No. 200400016062, in Book No. 818, at […]

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Annulment Robinson St

NOTICE OF HEARING BY THE BARRACKVILLE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE PROPOSED ANNULMENT AND VACATING OF A PORTION OF ROBINSON STREET Take notice that on January 3, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the J. Scott Tharp Municipal Building, in Barrackville, West Virginia, the Barrackville Town Council will consider the motion of Monday Success, Inc., and Vernon […]

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Boyles 2015-S-00000012

Certification No. 2015-S-00000012 Marion County -MICHAEL BOYLES To: AARON MILLER, ARRON MILLER, RONALD S YOUNG, COURTNEY A. YOUNG WHITE, STATE TAX DEPATMENT, COMPLIANCE DIVISION AMU, STATE TAX DEPARTMENT, ACCOUNTS MONITORING UNIT, or heirs at law, devisees, creditors, representatives, successors, assigns, all known heirs, guardians, conservators, fiduciaries, administrators, lienholders, co-owners, other parties having an undivided interest […]

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Public Notice of Application

PUBLIC NOTICE OFAPPLICATION FOR NATURAL GAS HORIZONTAL WELL DRILLING PERMIT, pursuant to West Virginia Code Section 22-6A-10(e). EQT Production Company 115 Professional Place PO Box 280 Bridgeport WV 26330, is applying for permits for natural gas horizontal wells: WELL GLO168H1, located at approximately UTM NAD 83 Easting 548428.10 UTM NAD 83 Northing 4375046.81 WELL GLO168H2, […]

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Filing of estates

NOTICE OF FILING OF ESTATE ACCOUNTS To the Creditors and Beneficiaries of the following deceased persons estates: I have before me the estates of the deceased persons and the accounts of the fiduciaries of their respective estates as listed below: 1. Decedent: Coriliss David Brookover Fiduciary: Jennifer Sweet Admrx. Address: 2509 Harvest Moon Dr., fort […]

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Time Warner Cable

Legal Notice Charter’s (formerly Time Warner Cable) agreements with programmers and broadcasters to carry their services and stations routinely expire from time to time. We are usually able to obtain renewals or extensions of such agreements, but in order to comply with applicable regulations, we must inform you when an agreement is about to expire. […]

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Notice of Public Hearing

NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING TO: CITIZENS THE CITY OF FAIRMONT: Please take notice that the Planning Commission for the City of Fairmont will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, at 7:00p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, at the City of Fairmont Public Safety building, 500 Quincy Street, Fairmont, […]

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case 16-D-66

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MARION COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Progressive Premier Insurance Co. assignee of Brandy N. Brown Plaintiff, VS. Andre Morman Civil Action No. 16-D-66 David Janes, Judge ORDER OF PUBLICATION the object of the above entitled action is to collect on monies owed on an account for an automobile accident. Said account is […]

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Order of Publication

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MARION COUNT, WEST VIRGINIA DIVISION II STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, Petitioner, v. JUVENILE CASE NOS. 16-JA-208,209 T.G. Infants under the age of eighteen (18) years, NICHOLE KOVACK and JONATHAN GRAFFUS Parents of said infants, Respondents. ORDER OF PUBLICATION TO: Nichole Kovack and Jonathan Graffus Notice is hereby given that on […]

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Case # 16-D-299

Order of Publication FAMILY COURT OF MARION COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA Staci Megan Blitz VS. Zachary Ross Scherr Case No. 16-D-299 The object of this suit is to obtain A Divorce It appearing by affidavit filed in this action that ZACHARY ROSS SCHERR Address being unknown, is hereby ordered to serve upon STACI MEGAN BLITZ Petitioner’s […]