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DEP Landfill Permit Renewal SW 06 15

Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water and Waste Management
601 57Th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Permit notice no: SW-06-15    Paper: Mountain Messenger
P.O. Box 429
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Public notice dates:     February 14, 2015
February 21,2015
The following has applied to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for a permit renewal of its solid waste landfill NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit.
Applicant:    Greenbrier County Solid Waste     Authority
P. O. Box 1664
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Application no.:    SWF-2068/WV0109452
Location:    Routes 38 and 38/2 northeast of Lewisburg,
Greenbrier County
Activity:    Class B Landfill
The applicant may receive a maximum of 5,500 tons monthly of the following types of waste: solid waste as defined in W. Va. Code Chapter 22, Article 15, Section 2(27) and as listed in 33CSR1 Section 2.114. Wastewater treatment plant solids, nonhazardous industrial process solid wastes, and non-hazardous sludge will only be accepted after approval by the Division of Water and Waste Management. Tires may be used in the landfill in accordance with W.Va. Code and 33 CSR5.
The facility is located on an unnamed tributary of the Greenbrier River, approximately four miles northeast of Lewisburg in Greenbrier County. The center of the site is 37°49’08” N latitude and 80°22’54” W longitude. The storm water discharge points are the following: (001) 37°49’07” N latitude and 80°22’40” W longitude; (002) 37°49’07” N latitude and 80’22’18” W longitude; and (003) 37’49’11” N latitude and 80°22’39’W longitude.
On the basis of review of the modification application, the Solid Waste Management Act, Chapter 22, Article 15, Sections 5(b) and 5(c); and the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Legislative Rules, Title 33CSR1, the state of West Virginia will act on the above application.
Interested persons may submit written comments during the 30-day public comment period, which begins on February 14, 2015 and ends on March 16, 2015 to the following address:
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water and Waste Management
601 57th Street SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Attention: Dawn Jones
Comments received within this time period will be considered prior to any state action on the subject application. Correspondence should include the name, address, and telephone number of the writer, and a concise statement of the nature of the issues addressed.
A public hearing may be held if the state identifies a significant degree of public interest on issues relevant to the permit application. To obtain further information concerning the subject application or to request a public hearing, interested persons may contact the Division of Water and Waste Management during the public comment period at the above address.
The draft permit will be on file for public review during the comment period at the DEP regional office located at 116 Industrial Drive, Oak Hill, WV 25901, (304) 465-1919; between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To receive a copy of the permit application or draft permit, please contact Dawn Jones at the Division of Water and Waste Management, Solid Waste, 601 57th Street, SE, Charleston, WV 25304, (304) 9260465; between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.