NOTICE In accordance with the Procedural Rules of the WV Health Care Authority, Plateau Medical Center, Inc. by May 31, 2015 will file Financial Disclosure documents of Financial Statements of Oak Hill Hospital Corporation d/b/a Plateau Medical Center. The Financial Statements below are the internal statements of Plateau Medical Center. Plateau Medical Center, Inc. Financial Statements For the year ending December 31, 2014 BALANCE SHEET Assets Current Assets: Cash $28,527 Net Patient accounts receivable $6,841,784 Other current assets $2,543,104 Total current assets $9,413,415 Property, Plant, and Equipment: Land $717,670 Buildings and improvements $6,978,515 Equipment $12,908,709 Leasehold Implovements $120,028 Construction in progress $215,902 Total property, plant, and equipment $20,940,824 Less: Accumulated depreciation $(10,302,919) Net property, plant, and equipment $10,637,905 Other Assets: Other Assets $2,200,283 TOTAL ASSETS $22,251,603 Liabilities Current Liabilities: Current maturities of long-term debt $(68,109) Accounts Payable $1,774,464 Accrued expenses $1,460,177 Total current liabilities $3,166,532 Long-Term Debt, less current maturities Total Liabilities – Intercompany accounts $2,100,775 Stockholders equity-prior year $11,979,323 Stockholders equity-current year $5,004,973 TOTAL LIABILITIES $22,251,603 STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS Unrestricted Revenue: Total patient service revenue $124,706,390 Other operating revenue $130,304 Total unrestricted revenue $124,836,694 Total deductions from revenue $86,021,467 Provision for Bad Debt $2,862,468 Total net revenue $35,952,759 Expenses: Salaries and wages $13,012,860 Employee benefits $2,530,867 Supplies $4,103,532 Purchased services $2,990,723 Other operating expense $2,017,572 Prop. Taxes and insurance $2,082,769 Total Expenses $26,738,323 Operating Margin $9,214,436 Rent $989,486 E.B.I.T.D.A. $8,224,950 Depreciation and amortization $2,190,401 E.B.I.T. $6,034,549 Interest $735,337 Pre-tax profit $5,299,212 Plateau Medical Center, Inc.’s parent company is Community Health Systems, Inc. Details concerning the contents of the advertisement together with other statements and schedules required to be filed with the Authority are available for public inspection and copying at the West Virginia Health Care Authority office located at 100 Dee Drive, Suite 201, Charleston, WV 25311. 5-4-MON-1-FT; LG 216