NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of that certain Deed of Trust dated December 27, 2016, executed by Candace R. Farley AKA Candace R. Green to Phillip B. Ball, Trustee, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Mercer County, West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book 1329, at page 724, David M. Kersey having been substituted as Trustee pursuant to Substitution of Trustee of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s office in Trust Deed Book 1378, at page 716, default having occurred in payment of the indebtedness secured by said deed of trust, and the undersigned substitute trustee having been requested to do so by Summit Community Bank, Inc., successor in interest to First Century Bank, N.A., owner and holder of the indebtedness secured by said deed of trust, the undersigned substitute trustee will offer for sale and sell at public auction on December 26, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., at the entrance to the Mercer County Courthouse, 1501 Main Street, Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia, the following described real estate, together with the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereunto belonging, more particularly bounded and described as follows:
PARCEL ONE: That certain tract or parcel of land located on Lorton Lick Creek off of Route No. 11, in Beaver Pond District, as shown upon a map thereof entitled, ‘MAP Showing Lot on Lorton Lick Creek to be conveyed from Minnex to Anderson, W.Va., Route No. 11, Mercer County, West Virginia, BY: W.H. Looney, Jr., PE Scale 1″ = 30′, Dated: 9/18/74′, recorded in the Office of the Mercer County Court in Microfilm Plat 5640, and described as follows:
BEGINNING at a point in the center line of Lorton Lick Creek; thence S. 52 56′ W. 265.74 feet along a fence line to a corner post; thence N. 5 32′ E. 116.78 feet to a 16 inch diameter White Oak tree at a fence corner; thence N. 52 21′ E. crossing Lorton Lick Creek 312.65 feet to a point; thence S. 29 50′ E. 53 feet to a point in a driveway; thence S. 48 29′ W. 132.46 feet to the center line of Lorton Lick Creek; thence S. 63 01′ 35″ E. 29.2 feet to a point of BEGINNING.

Also granted and conveyed unto the parties of the second part by this instrument is all right in and title to that certain six foot wide roadway leading to the Macadam Road which is contained in prior deeds.

PARCEL TWO: All that certain lot or parcel of land, together with the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate, lying and being in Beaver Pond District, Mercer County, West Virginia, on the waters of Lorton’s Lick Creek, and more particularly bounded and described as follows:

BEGINNING at a point, in the center line of Lorton’s Lick Creek, which beginning point is S. 51 00′ W. from a set steel post in the west line of Lorton’s Lick Macadam Road; thence from said Beginning point S 51 00′ W. to a sugar tree which is S 51deg. 00′ W. about 591 feet from the steel set post above mentioned in said west line of said road; thence N 5 00′ W. 62.5 feet to a steel post; which post is located N. 47 50′ E. 575 feet from a steel post in said west line of said road along and with the southern line of the James K. Shrader property; (thence N. 47 50’ E. to a point, the center line of said Lorton’s Lick Creek); thence along and with the center line of said creek and with the meanders thereof about 61 feet to the BEGINNING.

There is reserved a well and water line mentioned in a deed from Dave McNew, et ux, unto Beulah McNew as mentioned in prior deeds.

There is expressly excepted and reserved from Parcel Two above a 375.7 square foot area as shown on ‘MAP SHOWING PART PARCEL 20.1 TAX MAP 11 OFF OF LORTON LICK ROAD BEAVER POND DISTRICT, MERCER COUNTY, WV JOB NO. 07044 DATE: 4-6-07 SCALE: 1″=10′ DRAWN BY: JWL CK’D BY: SKB’, said plat prepared by Appalachian Engineering & Surveying, Inc. and attached hereto and made a part of this deed.

AND BEING the same property conveyed unto Clinton Richard Farley and Candace Rachel Farley as Richard Farley and Rachel Farley by deed of James K. Shrader and Carol B. Shrader dated May 4, 2007, recorded in said Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 910 at page 561.

TERMS OF SALE: Ten percent (10{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c}) cash in hand on day of sale and balance upon delivery of deed. Sale subject to any and all real property taxes or assessments due or to become due, all applicable subdivision and zoning restrictions, matters of survey, compliance with environmental regulations, rights of tenants in possession, if any, and all other pertinent liens, easements, restrictions and reservations of record. The property is sold in an “as is” condition. The purchaser shall pay the excise tax on the transfer of real estate. Any personal property remaining on the premises at the time of sale shall be considered abandoned. The undersigned trustee reserves the right to reject any and all bids, the right to continue the sale by announcement on the date of the sale and the right to announce other conditions upon the sale, which announced conditions, if any, shall be in addition to or take priority over any conditions set forth herein.
Given under my hand this 27th day of November, 2019.

David M. Kersey
Substitute Trustee

ID: 335110