Hampshire County National Register of Historic Places Nominations Request for Quotation

The Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission is soliciting bids for the completion of two National Register of Historic Places Nominations for properties located in Hampshire County. The project will consist of a National Register nomination being prepared for the following historic properties:

1 – Pin Oak Fountain (Route 29, Paw Paw Road, Pin Oak vicinity; HM-0207)
2 – Octagon House (Capon Springs Road, Capon Spring vicinity; HM-0407)

Should initial research on the above-mentioned properties by the consultant indicate that there is insufficient information to prepare a nomination or that one or each property is not eligible for listing in the National Register, the following one or two properties shall serve as alternatives (a final determination will be made by the State Historic Preservation Office):

1 – Willow Chapel School (HM-0405)
2 – Washington House (HM-1394)

Services for National Register Nomination

For each nomination, the work will consist of:

• Preparing  the  standard National Park Service, National Register of Historic
Places Registration Form following Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Registration and using the appropriate National Register Bulletins (including “How to Complete the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form”) and standards outlined by the WV SHPO.  The registration form shall be submitted in hard copy and in electronic format in MS Word format.
• Providing  three  CD-Rs  with  representative  electronic  photographs  of the
property including images of the main resource, any outbuildings, and significant interior characteristics.  The electronic files must meet the current NPS Photograph policy.
• A sketch map showing that meets NPS requirements and shows:
• NR boundaries
• Building footprints including outbuildings
• All resources keyed to Section 7 of the registration form
• Contributing and noncontributing status
• Local features such as roads, rivers, drives
• Exterior photograph vantage points
• Key, north arrow, county, state, and name of property
• Floor  plans  of  significant  floors  in  main resource.  The plans must include
interior photo vantage points, a key, north arrow, county, state, and name of property.
• A  labeled  USGS  topographic  quad  map or other geographic location map
meeting the current National Park Service requirements.
• A PowerPoint presentation showing the property that is suitable for
presentation to the WV Archives and History Commission.  This must meet SHPO requirements.  This will be submitted to the SHPO.
• Presentation and defense of the nomination to the WV Archives and History
Commission at a date determined by the SHPO.
• Making all changes suggested by the SHPO, WV archives and History
Commission, and/or the National Park Service.  This may occur after the final payment.


The consultant must meet the following qualifications:
• Academic and/or professional certification in the field of history or architectural
history as defined by 36 CFR 61. At minimum, all work must be supervised and edited by qualified professional.
• Have successfully completed and had listed in the National Register of
Historic Places a similar project previously in the last two years and be able to submit samples.
• Ability to complete the project by January 30, 2016 and meet all contract

Expression of Interest

No later than June 1, 2015 firms or individuals interested in submitting a bid should submit a letter of interest to:

Charles Baker, Director
Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission
PO Box 883
Romney, WV 26757

The letter of interest should include:

– description of work
– cost estimate
– time table for completion of work
– vita or proof of qualifications
– three references for similar projects successfully completed within last two years (preferably in West Virginia)
– letter of interest including cost for project. Also include a breakdown of cost per nomination. Failure to meet requirements will result in disqualification of this bid.
– sample of a complete National Register Nomination project completed by the Consultant and approved by the National Park Service. (Samples will not be returned).

Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed and a consultant will be selected based on:
• Experience conducting National Register Nominations
• Comparison of cost;
• Proven  ability  to  successfully  meet  all  project  milestones  and  complete
project by contract deadline;
• Best qualified consultant in preparing National Register nominations;
• References from projects completed and approved in the last two years.

The Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission will make their decision within two weeks of the deadline for submission and will sign a contract with the consultant by June 24, 2015.

Payment Process

The consultant will be reimbursed for services rendered and will not be reimbursed for travel and other expenses.  The consultant will be paid in four increments, the first tied to the satisfactory completion of specific stages in the survey process; the second to be paid after approval of the survey by the SHPO. The third payment will be made after completion of the National Register of Historic Places Nomination Forms, and the final after approval of the National Register Nomination by the SHPO.  The consultant should allow up to four weeks for the payment of all invoices.


Further questions regarding the project may be directed to Charles Baker at the Hampshire County Planning Office, PO Box 883, Romney, WV 26757 or 304-822-7018.