I have before me the accounts of the Executor or Administrator of the estate of the following deceased persons.

Beulah May Bartlett
Gloria Frances Burkey
Rosalie Frances Buzzard
Betty Rae Coberly
Rosemary Ruth Charny
Waneta Grace Doyle
James Russell Fletcher
Y’Vonne Maxine Marstiller Harper
Ida Louella Hensil
Glenn William (Benny) Kyle, Jr.
Dwyane Mark McDaniel
Eunice Irene Mosser
Albert W. Ragazinsky, Jr.
Richard Lee Scott
Alma Orpha Shaffer
Richard L. Simmons
Carolyn J. Swecker
Leon Manuel Tuning
Joshua Lee Watson

Any such person or persons having a claim against the above estate may appear before the Clerk of said Commission at any time within ninety days after first publication of this notice or object to the confirmation of said accounting before approved by the Commission

Attest: Brenda Wiseman, Clerk
12/8, 12/15