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Notice of Application
Notice is given that Greenfield Cabinetry, LLC (GREENFIELD)has applied to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Quality (DAQ), for a Modification to Regulation 13 Permit R13-2315E. GREENFIELD proposes to increase allowable production by 35 percent and to install an additional spray booth at the facility located at 888 Industrial Park Road in Elkins, County Randolph, West Virginia. The latitude and longitude coordinates are: 38.919841; -79.859161.
The applicant estimates change in the potential to discharge the following Regulated Air Pollutants: PM of 1.98 tons per year (tpy), PM10 of 1.98 tpy, PM2.5 of 1.98 tpy, VOC of 47.34 tpy, and total HAPS of 0.12 tpy.
The new booth will be installed in September 2015. Written comments will be received by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, DAQ, 601 57th Street, Charleston, WV 25304, for at least 30 calendar days from the date of publication of this notice.
Any questions regarding this permit application should be directed to the DAQ at (304) 926-0499, extension 1227, during normal business hours.

Dated this the 18 day of May, 2015.

Greenfield Cabinetry, LLC
Timothy Clontz
Plant Manager
888 Industrial Park Road
Elkins, West Virginia 26241

May 20