Louann Mascioli, as the personal representative of the
Estate of Paul Mascioli

v Civil Action 21-C-97
Judge Scott

Carl A. Mascioli et al.
Notice of Special Commissioner’s Sale

Pursuant to the order styled Agreed Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Appoint Special Commissioner and Decree of Real Estate Sale, entered by the Circuit Court of Monongalia County, West Virginia (“Court”) in the above-styled action on September 2, 2021 (“Appointing Order”), the Court appointed and constituted Robert Louis Shuman as a special commissioner of the Court (“Special Commissioner”) and directed Special Commissioner to effectuate the sale of the real property described and referenced below.

Auction Date and Time and Parcel Descriptions: Special Commissioner will, on Friday, October 20, 2023, at 9:00 a.m., auction and publicly offer for sale (“Auction”) at the front door of the Monongalia County Courthouse in Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia, located at 243 High Street, Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia, the lots, parcels, or tracts, including and together with the buildings, fixtures, improvements, and structures thereon, located in Monongalia County, West Virginia, described as follows (“Parcels”):

Parcel One [Grant District TMP 13-0013] [Parcel 3 in the Appointing Order]: The lot, parcel, or tract located in Grant District, Monongalia County, West Virginia described as follows: Beginning at a set stone (found) being a corner to William Rafus, Joseph and Eleanor Nevera, and Ora Lee Kirk; thence leaving said Rafus and following said Nerva, N. 67° 58’ 07” W. 596.54 feet to a 84 inch elm with a 1 inch iron pipe in the center, previously described as a white oak; thence N. 66° 33’ 36” W. 15.38 feet to a ¾ inch rebar (set) being a corner to said Kirk and Frank Cox; thence leaving said Nevera following said Cox and an old fence line, N. 28° 02’ 42” E. 757.92 feet to a ¾ inch rebar (set); thence N. 04° 48’ 05” E. 432.18 feet to a 42 inch maple stump (found) with a ¾ inch rebar (set) in the center, said maple stump being a corner to aforesaid Kirk, Cox, and in the line of the City of Westover “Westover Park”; thence leaving said Cox and following Westover Park, N. 83° 36’ 36” E. 294.45 feet to the western boundary of Monongalia County Route 19/19, 50 feet from centerline; thence leaving said Westover Park and continuing with the western right of way limits of said Route 19/19 in a southeasterly direction 1820.00 feet more or less to a ¾ inch rebar (set) in said western right of way limits 30 feet from centerline and being in the line of William Rafus and having a reference line of S. 40° 35’ 22” E. 1755.11 feet; thence leaving said Route 19/19 and following said Rafus for 4 (four) courses and distances, N. 61° 41’ 11” W. 305.10 feet Page