Legal Notice


The Commission of Raleigh County (Commission) will hold hearings on July 23, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. at 116 1/2 North Heber Street, Beckley, WV 25801 on the following abandoned unsafe properties:

1) 314 Glendale Rd, MacArthur, WV, Town Dist., Tax Map 3003, Parcel 235 (owned by Oleda Carol Heyen (NKA Oleda Parvin) & Harold Heyen); 2) 193 Astoria Dr., Crab Orchard, WV, Town Dist., Tax Map 31, Parcels 32 (owned by Angela Bell); 3) 138 Pennington St., Wickham, WV, Town Dist., Tax Map 2002, Parcel 48.1 (owned by First Baptist Church); 4) 115 Chloe St, Sprague, WV, Town Dist., Tax Map 1002, Parcel 79 (owned by John B Rapp & Herbert E Cline); 5) 154 & 156 Mapleview Dr, Crab Orchard, WV, Town Dist., Tax Map 4001, Parcel 33 & 33.1 (owned by Zach Foley)

The purpose is to address complaints above from the Raleigh County Property Safety Enforcement Agency (RCPSEA). The RCPSEA determined these properties are unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous, or detrimental to the public safety or welfare. The RCPSEA recommends that the Commission order the land owner(s) to demolish the unsafe structure(s), demolition debris, and associated junk, junk vehicles & garbage located on the above property within a reasonable time period, and in the event the owner does not comply with the order, the Commission then perform the work, at cost to property owner. Owner may re-schedule hearing by delivering a written request to the Clerk of the Commission of Raleigh County before 4:00 PM July 22, 2024. For more information, call (304) 255-9146.