Legal Notice


Notice is hereby given that Shady Spring Stone Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1295, Shady Spring, WV 25918(Applicant Name and Business Street Address) has submitted an application for RENEWAL of Quarry Article 4 Permit No. Q006673 to the Department of Environmental Protection, 116 Industrial Drive, Oak Hill, WV 25901 (Regional Office Address) in order to remove Sandstone (mineral) by conducting Quarry (quarry) or (underground) operations.

This operation is discharging into Un-Named Tributary (Receiving Stream) of Left Fork of Big Beaver Creek of Piney Creek of the New River (Major Sub basin), and is located 0.70 miles, northwest (Direction) of Shady Spring Post Office (Nearest Post Office) in Shady Spring District of Raleigh County, Longitude 81o 06′ 15″ and Latitude 37o 42′ 39″ (Coordinates from USGS Topographic Map)

Written comments on the Article 4 Quarry Permit Renewal Supervisor at the DEP address above until Jun 13, 2021, or thirty (30) days from the date of publication. A copy of the application will be available for review in the DEP Regional Office located at the address above AND in the Raleigh County Clerk’s Office during normal business hours until the close of the comment period.

DEP Telephone No. (304) 465-1911
Article 4 Permit No. Q-66-73