Legal Notice


Please be advised that this a Class 1 newspaper advertisement to notify of abandoned property in Raleigh County at address 369 Ryan St. Beckley WV 25801. The property owner reported abandonment of approximately 2 years. The property is a Keystone Springdale Travel Trailer M 372BHL-GL-XL with VIN 4YDT3722033206818. Identifying characteristics include water damage approx. 10 ft into both ends of travel trailer. It was removed from premises on Thursday 5/27/2021 and relocated for storage at 149 Lora Ct. Odd, WV 25902 c/o Lori Walker. The owner or any lienholders of record have 10 days from this publication to reclaim your property upon payment of all accrued charges for towing, preservation and storage that have resulted from removing your property from previous location. Failure of the owner or lien holder of record to exercise their right to reclaim the above property within 10 days of this publication shall be deemed a waiver of all right, title and interest and will serve as consent to the sale or disposal of the abandoned or junked property. Law enforcement was notified on 6/2/2021 of intent to seek owner and claims of ownership will be verified by your title or DMV. Contact Lori Walker 149 Lora Court, Odd WV 25902 Phone (681)222-9046