Legal Notice


CASE NO. 22-0693-PWD-CN

Mercer County, West Virginia
Application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to undertake a water system extension project in the Browning-Lambert Mountain area and related appurtenances in Mercer County.


On July 26, 2022, Bluewell Public Service District (District) filed a duly verified application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to undertake a water system extension project in the Browning-Lambert Mountain area and related appurtenances Mercer County, West Virginia.

The District proposes to install approximately 21,390 LF of 8″, 35,120 LF of 6″, 4,710 LF of 4″ and 5.350 LF of 2″ waterline; three (3) 2″/4″ PRV Stations with water meters; and all necessary valves, controls and appurtenances. Facilities are to serve approximately 125 new customers in the Montcalm, Browning-Lambert Mountain areas, provide a water distribution system loop to Montcalm, and provide the water distribution system infrastructure for future service extensions.

The application is on file with and available for public inspection at the Public Service Commission, 201 Brooks Street, Charleston, West Virginia.

The District estimates that construction will cost approximately $4,430,000 and proposes that the construction will be financed as follows: a WV IJDC Grant in the amount of $500,000, a USDA-RUS Grant in the amount of $962,000, a USDA-RUS Loan in the amount of $2,001,000 at 1.375% interest for 38 years, a USDA-RUS Grant in the amount of $487,000 and a USDA-RUS Loan in the amount of $480,000 at 1.25% interest for 38 years.

The District anticipates charging the following increased rates and charges for its customers:

Applicable in entire territory served.

Available for general domestic. commercial and industrial customers.

First 2,000 gallons used per month $ 15.01 per 1,000 Gallons
Next 8,000 gallons used per month $ 14.13 per 1,000 Gallons
Next 10,000 gallons used per month $ 10.42 per 1,000 Gallons
Next 20,000 gallons used per month $ 10.00 per 1,000 Gallons
Over 40,000 gallons used per month $9.84 per 1,000 Gallons

No bill will be rendered for less than the following based on meter size:
5/8 inch meter $30.02 per month
3/4 inch meter $45.03 per month
1 inch meter $75.05 per month
1 – 1/4 inch meter $109.57 per month
1 – 1/2 inch meter $150.10 per month
2 inch meter $240.15 per month
3 inch meter $480.31 per month
4 inch meter $750.31 per month
6 inch meter $1,500.96 per month
8 inch meter $2,401.54 per month

The above schedule is net. On all accounts not paid in full when due, ten percent will be added to the net current amount unpaid.
This delayed payment penalty is not interest and is to be collected only once for each bill where it is appropriate.

The following charges are to be made whenever the utility installs a new tap to serve an applicant.
A tap fee of $100.00 will be charged to customers applying for service before construction is completed adjacent to the customer’s premises in connection with a certificate proceeding before the Commission. This pre-construction tap fee will be invalid after the completion of construction adjacent to an applicant’s premise that is associated with a certificate proceeding.
A tap fee of $600.00 will be charged to all customers who apply for service outside a certificate proceeding before the Commission for each new tap to the system.

To be charged whenever the supply of water is turned off for violations of rules, non-payment of bills, or fraudulent use of water.

A service charge equal to the actual bank fee assessed to the utility, or a maximum of $25.00 will be imposed upon any customer whose check for payment of charges is returned by their bank due to insufficient funds.

$4.82 per 1,000 gallons is to be used when a bill reflects unusual consumption which can be attributed to eligible leakage on the customer’s side of the meter. This rate shall be applied to all such unusual consumption above the customer’s historical average usage.

A deposit of $50 or 2/12 of the average annual usage of the applicant’s specific customer class, whichever is greater.

The Bluewell Public Service District is not a multi-jurisdictional utility whose operations require an apportionment of cost of service between jurisdictions.

These rates represent the following project-related increases that will become effective upon substantial completion of the project, unless otherwise ordered:

Residential $67,245 1.45%
Commercial $2,131 1.45%
Public Authority $701 1.45%

The District has no resale customers.

The proposed increased rates and charges related to the project will produce approximately $70,077.00 annually in additional revenue, an increase of 3.96%. (This percentage increase includes the additional revenue from the new customers. Actual rates increase by only 1.45%.) The total increase granted will not exceed this estimate unless further notice is provided.

The increases shown are based on averages of all customers in the indicated class. Individual customers may receive increases that are greater or less than average. Furthermore, the requested rates and charges among the various classes of customers are only a proposal and are subject to change (increases or decreases) by the Public Service Commission in its review of this filing.

Anyone desiring to protest or intervene should file a written protest or request to intervene within thirty (30) days following the date of this publication unless otherwise modified by Commission order. Failure to timely protest or request to intervene can affect your right to protest aspects of this certificate case, including any associated rate increases, or to participate in future proceedings. All protests or requests to intervene should briefly state the reason for the protest or request to intervene. Requests to intervene must comply with the rules on intervention set forth in the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. All protests and requests to intervene should be addressed to Karen Buckley, Executive Secreatary, P.O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323.

In the absence of substantial protests within said thirty (30) day period, the Commission may waive formal hearing and render its decision on the application based on the evidence submitted with said application and its review thereof.

ID: 628889