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Public Notice


Public Notice No.: WSL 013-20
First Publication Date:
August 17, 2022

The Virginia Department of Health has under consideration a request for a Categorical Exclusion from an Environmental Assessment for a waterworks project proposed to be funded through the Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund. The applicant is Tazewell County Public Service Authority (TCPSA).

This project proposes to replace 3G modems (soon to be obsolete) with 4G LTE modems at water storage tanks and pump stations at the following locations around Tazewell County, Virginia and Mercer County, West Virginia: Hawk Height Tank, Davis Mountain Tank, Machine Shop Hollow Tank, Yards Tank, Ratliff Tank, Witten Tank, Greens Chapel Pump Station, Simmons Pump Station, Tazewell Pump Station #1 and #2, and the Middle Creek Booster Pump Station. The project also proposes installation of new Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems at the Baptist Valley Tank, Gratton Tank, and the Bishop Valve Vault. Additionally, installation of new electrical boxes with interface screens and new software and servers for the SCADA systems are proposed at the Tazewell and Claypool Hill Water Treatment Plants. The 4G LTE modems are needed because 3G is scheduled to be discontinued at the end of the year. All work will take place within previously disturbed areas-either within existing buildings or within fenced areas at water storage tanks, pump stations, or vaults. Earthwork is only necessary at the Baptist Valley Tank site to install a wooden mount for the SCADA system. No adverse environmental impacts are anticipated.

The project meets the following exclusion categories established by the Department:
— Replacement of existing equipment or structures at their present location. These activities also include reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks, street repaving, and building modifications, renovations, and improvements.
— An upgrade in level of treatment or facility improvements of an existing treatment works on the existing site of the works. The proposed action will result in a modest change in size, use, capacity, or purpose of the original location and is being designed predominately to serve residential users.

Documentation supporting this request includes:
— Engineering Analysis by TCPSA dated 2/3/2022
— Financial and Construction Assistance Programs Environmental Review site visit memorandum dated 7/27/2022

On the basis of a review of the request and support documentation, the Virginia Department of Health proposes to approve the request.

Persons may comment in writing to the Department on the proposed approval of the Categorical Exclusion within 30 days from the first publication date. Comments shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the writer and shall contain a complete, concise statement of the factual basis for the comments. Only those comments received within this period will be considered by the Department. Following the comment period, the Department will make its determination regarding the approval.

All comments should be addressed to: Kelly Ward, Program Director
Financial and Construction
Assistance Programs
Virginia Department of Health
– Office of Drinking Water
109 Governor Street
Richmond, VA 23219

ID: 631529