Legal Notice

Notice of Request for
Statement of Qualifications
for Engineering Services

The City of Mannington is in the process of obtaining Statements of Qualifications for an engineering firm to serve as the Engineer of Record from qualified engineering firms detailing the firm’s qualifications, technical expertise, management and staffing capabilities, references, and related prior experience. Professional services will include but are not limited to preliminary engineering, design- and construction-related services, preparation of bidding and contract documents, participation in the evaluation of bids received, monitoring and inspection of construction activities. Projects may involve replacements and/or improvements to streets, sidewalks, water system,
sanitary sewer system, stormwater, municipal facilities, community parks, recreational trails, drainage issues and/or any other projects.

Procurement of said services will be in accordance with Chapter 5G of the WV State Code, 24 CFR Part 200 and applicable federal regulations meeting 0MB Circular A-102 requirements. Qualified firms/ candidates interested in being considered for this project must submit five (5) copies each of 1) Letter of Interest, 2) Statement of Qualifications, 3) technical experience, 4) expertise of staff, 5) persons who will be in charge of the project, 6) previous professional experience, and 7) references. Please submit the requested information to: The City of Mannington, 206 Main Street, Mannington, WV 26582, Attention: Michele Fluharty, City Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 31 , 2022 in order to receive consideration.

The object of this competitive process is to objectively select the engineering firm that will provide the highest quality of service at a realistic fee. Accordingly, technical qualifications and experience will be weighed heavily. Based on evaluation of the proposals, a minimum of three firms will be invited to submit additional information and be interviewed. The candidate judged most qualified will be asked to prepare a proposal including fixed fees for said services. The City of Mannington reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.

Attention is directed to the fact that the projects possible funding sources for the project include but are not limited to West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council, US Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant, Appalachian Regional Commission, Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Fund, USDA Rural Utilities Services, and/or other funding sources; therefore, all work will be performed in accordance with the regulations issued by the governing federal, state, and/or local agencies pertaining hereto. The
selected firm will be required to comply with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Executive Order No. 11246, Section 109 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1974, Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, Conflict of Interest Statement and Access to Records provisions, and all other applicable regulations of the various regulatory agencies.

Each firm must fully comply with the requirements, terms, and conditions to achieve Minority-owned/ Women-owned Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) participation during the performance of this contract. The firm commits itself to the program for MBE/WBE participation and all other requirements, terms, and conditions of the bid conditions.

The firm agrees to make “good faith efforts” when subcontracting any portion of the total value of the contract to Minority/Women-owned businesses. This shall be done in compliance with the six (6) affirmative steps as outlined in 40 CFR 33.240. Failure to demonstrate positive efforts to do so may lead to disallowance of cause. For the purpose of this program, the term “subcontractor” includes all construction, modification, and service work contracted for/by the firm in the execution of the work under this contract.

The City of Mannington will afford full opportunity for minority- and women-owned business enterprises to submit a show of interest to this invitation and will not discriminate against any interested firm or individual on the grounds of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, or national origin in the award of this contract.

Additional information concerning this request can be obtained by contacting:

Mayor Lora Michael
Phone# (304) 986-2700 Ext 175

ID: 630438