Legal Notice


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) has proposed a settlement of an Administrative Penalty Order for Resilient Mining, LLC which resolves violation(s) of the West Virginia Water Pollution Control Act. In accordance with the Draft Order, Resilient Mining, LLC has been assessed administrative penalties and must comply with the Act. Final settlement is subject to comments received during the thirty (30) day period ending March 11, 2023. Comments regarding this Administrative Penalty Order may be submitted to: Jamie Hopen, Environmental Resource Analyst; West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Mining and Reclamation, Inspection & Enforcement; 601 57th Street SE; Charleston, WV 25304; (304) 926-0499. Comments may also be submitted electronically to: DEP.Comments@wv.gov. The proposed settlement may be viewed at the following address: http://www.dep.wv.gov/pio/Pages/Settlements,Ordersouttopublicnotice.aspx.