Legal Notice

The following individuals have personal contents stored with Cumberland Road Self Storage, LLC at 3140 E. Cumberland Road Bluefield, WV 24701 and at 460 Self Storage, LLC 165 St. Clair Crossing Bluefield, VA 24605. Auction will begin at 460 Self Storage at 10:30 AM and we will proceed to Cumberland Road immediately following. Unit will sale to highest bidder. Cash only. Management has the right to place a reserve or refuse any bid. Auctioneer fees of 10% will be added to highest bidder:

The following units at 460: 22 A. Collins, 3 P. Puckett, 128 C. Hayes

The following units at Cumberland Road: 41 A. Armstead, 34 M. Bailey, 28 Z. Bailey, 22 M. Carter, 68 J. Crenshaw, 31 S. Flack, 63 A. Wright, 48 C. Terry and 89 L. Street 106 B. Mitchell, 123 K. Jones and 130 S. Clark

ID: 446107