Legal Notices

NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS To maintain necessary clearances for safe and reliable electric service, Appalachian Power Company plans to manage vegetation along the Merritts Creek Greenbottom portions of its 34 kilovolt distribution systems in Cabell County, WV. On or after June 11th, crews will begin applying herbicide to right of ways to control incompatible woody vegetation. This will encourage the growth of native low growing plants like grasses, ferns, forbs, and shrubs. Converting the right of way from brush and trees to native low growing plant community improves wildlife habitat. A low growing plant cover is more resistant to tree invasion which means less work will be needed in the future, reducing the impact on your property and the environment. AEP/ACO’s contractors are licensed applicators and will use herbicides that are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and your state regulatory agency. Rights-of-way in this area involved in the program are: Merrick Creek Road, Ohio River Road, Cox Landing Road, Opal Road, Hagley Drive, Big Seven Mile Road, Harvest View Drive, Blue Sulphur Road, Halls Hill Road, Nashville Road, Lycans Branch, Little Cabell Creek, Francis Branch Road, Skyhigh Road, Coxs Lane, Ash Drive, Case Drive, Hobbs Drive, Morehouse Road, Mcfann Lane, Barbara Lane, Douthat Lane, Nine Mile Creek Road, Carson Ridge Road, Nelson Branch, Sanns Drive, Tree Elm Drive, Riviera Drive, Valley View Drive, Pear Tree Lane, Graycliff Drive, Riverview Drive, Oakhill Road, Left Fork Nine Mile, Union Ridge Road, Right Fork Nine Mile Road, Deerpen Road, Hibner Hollow Road, Edmonds Branch, Howells Mill Road, Henry Road, Mccoy Road, Sandbank Road, Spurlock Creek Road, Jim Mounts Road, Bryan Creek Road, Goff Hill Road, Gallia Road, Old River Road, Frontage Road, Turkey Creek Road, Homestead Road, Fraziers Lane, Helen Street, Adrian Street, Garnet Street, Rardin Street, Williams Street, Kathi Lane, Carter Lane, Lunsford Lane, Sherwood Lane, Coralburst Lane, Nursery Lane, Goose Run Road, Union Ridge Left Fork, Hickory Grove Road, Old Road, Fairview Road, Barkers Ridge Road, Holly Ridge Road, and Fairview Ridge Road. If you have questions regarding our right-of-way maintenance they may be directed to: Appalachian Power Company Forestry Department 1122 Seventh Ave. Huntington, WV 25701 (304) 696-1237 LH-73016 6-13;2019