Legal Notices

L E G A L Notice is hereby given that on the 24th June, 2019 at 7:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, the Council of the City of Huntington, in Council Chambers, at City Hall, Huntington, WV, proposes to finally vote on the adoption of an ordinance, the subject matter of which is as follows: #2019-O-16 – AN ORDINANCE OF COUNCIL AMENDING, MODIFYING AND RE-ENACTING ARTICLE 107 OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF HUNTINGTON, AS REVISED, REGARDING PURCHASING AND CONTRACTS Such ordinance is filed in the City Clerk’s office, Room 16, City Hall, Huntington, WV, where the same may be inspected by the public, and interested parties may appear at the meeting and be heard with respect to the proposed Ordinance. Dated: 6/11/2019 Lisa Adkins, Assistant City Clerk LH-73036 6-13;2019