Legal Notices

Eleanor Historic District The Eleanor Historic District inEleanor, Putnam County, West Virginia, will be considered by the West VirginiaArchives and History Commission for nomination to the National Register ofHistoric Places at its meeting on February 23, 2023. The meeting will take place at 1:00 P.M. atthe West Virginia Culture Center (1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, WV 25305).If the meeting must be cancelled due to inclement weather, lack of quorum, orother emergency, it will be rescheduled for a later date at a location to bedetermined. Please contact the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Officeat 304.558.0240 or Cody.Straley@wv.gov for details on how to attend or forfurther updates. A copy of the meeting agendawill be available by contacting Aaron Parsons at 304.558.0230. The area to be nominated includes approximately294 acres of Eleanor, encompassing Fir St., Gum St., Park Rd., Eleanor Cir.,Roosevelt Blvd., Beech St., Dogwood St., Cherry St., Ash Cir., Chestnut St.,Cypress St., Ivywood St., Hemlock St., Juniper St., Kapok St., Locust St.,Maples St., and Nutmeg St. A copy of a map depicting the boundary can beobtained by contacting Mr. Cody Straley, National Register Coordinator, at theState Historic Preservation Office at 304.558.0240. Listing in the National Register,the Federal government’s official list of historic properties worthy ofpreservation, results in the following for historic properties: 1. Consideration in planning for Federal,Federally licensed, and Federally assisted projects. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservationmust be given an opportunity to comment on all Federally funded or licensedprojects affecting listing properties. For further information, see 36 CFR 800. 2. Eligibility for Federal tax provisions. TheFederal Internal Revenue Code encourages the preservation of depreciablehistoric structures by allowing favorable tax treatments for rehabilitation,and also provides for charitable contributions for conservation purposes ofpartial interests in historically important land areas or structures. Forfurther information, see 36 CFR 67. 3. Eligibility for State tax provisions.Homeowners Residential and Commercial ncome-producing tax credits areavailable for historic properties which are rehabilitated and meet theSecretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. 4. Consideration of historic value in thedecision by the State or Federal government to issue a surface coal miningpermit where coal is located. For further information, see W. Va. Code R. 38-2. 5. Eligibility for Federal and r State grants-in-aid,whenever funds are appropriated by Congress and r the West VirginiaLegislature. Owners of private property within the nominated boundarymay concur in, object to, or comment on the nomination in accord with 36 CFRPart 60. Any owner or partial owner whoobjects to listing should submit a notarized statement (certifyingownership and objection to listing) by February 23, 2023 to Ms. Susan M.Pierce, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, Department of Arts, Cultureand History, The Culture Center, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, West Virginia25305-0300. Moreover, all interestedparties may comment on the nomination, especially on the significance of theproperty and whether or not it meets the National Register Criteria forEvaluation. These written comments maybe made to the same address by February 23, 2023. Should the meeting bepostponed, comments and objections will be accepted until the date of therescheduled meeting. A copy of the nomination, thecriteria used for evaluation, and additional information on the NationalRegister process and results of listing are available from the State HistoricPreservation Office, at the above address. Inquiries may be directed to Mr.Cody Straley, National Register Coordinator, at 304.558.0240 ext. 712 or at Cody.Straley@wv.gov. LC-144789 1-24;2023