Legal Notices

SOLICITING EXPRESSION OF INTEREST The West Virginia State Police is soliciting Expression of Interest (“EOI” or “Proposals”) from qualified individuals irms to provide architectural ngineering services. Buyer: Carole Woodyard AEOI No: DPS2300000004 Commodity: Expression of Interest for architectural ngineering blueprints and services to renovate the existing HVAC and Electrical System and general remodeling of the existing facility located at 725 Jefferson Road, A.K.A Department Headquarters, South Charleston (Kanawha County), WV 25309. Bid roposals must be submitted to the WV State Police Procurement located at 4124 Kanawha Turnpike, South Charleston 25309 as instructed in the specifications prior to the bid opening date and time scheduled for: 021/421/43 at 1:00PM. Questions may be directed to the Buyer at (304) 746-2141. LC-145896 02-03,10;2023