Legal Notices

THE CITY OF HUNTINGTON NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing will be held at a regular meeting of the City Council of The City of Huntington (the “City”) on MONDAY, MARCH 27, at 7:30p.m. prevailing time, or such time thereafter as the matter may be heard bythe City Council, at The City of Huntington,City Hall, 800 5th Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia, and at such hearing any person interested may appear before the City Council and present comments, protests, and suggestions. All comments, protests, and suggestions shall be heard by the City Council and itshall then take such actions as it shall deem proper in the premises regarding an ordinance entitled: AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE PAYMENT OF THE STORMWATER BOND ANTICIPATION NOTES, SERIES 2020 OF THE CITY OF HUNTINGTON THROUGH THE ISSUANCE BY THE CITY OF HUNTINGTON OF NOT MORE THAN $4,000,000 IN AGGREGATE PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF STORMWATER REFUNDING BOND ANTIICPATION NOTES, SERIES 2023; PROVIDING FOR THE RIGHTS AND REMEDIES OF, AND THE SECURITY FOR, THE REGISTERED OWNER OF SUCH NOTES;AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF A TAX CERTIFICATE, REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, AND OTHER DOCUMENTS; AUTHORIZING THE SALE AND PROVIDING FOR THE TERMS AND PROVISIONS OF SUCH NOTES AND ADOPTING OTHER PROVISIONS RELATING THERETO. The above quoted title of the Ordinance describes generally the contents thereof and the purposes of the Bonds contemplated thereby. The City contemplates theissuance of the Bonds described in the Ordinance. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used (i) payin full the principal of and interest accrued on the Series 2020 BAN, and (ii) paycosts of issuance thereof and related costs. The Bonds are payable from the revenues derived from the System. No taxes may at any time be levied for the payment of the Bonds or the interest thereon. A certified copy of the Ordinance is on file for review during regular business hours at the office of the City Clerk, located at City Hall, 800 Fifth Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia. Dated: March 8, 2023. LH-148401 3-15,22;2023