Legal Notices

BOONE RALEIGH PUBLIC SERVICE DISTRICT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON SALE OF WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM The Boone Raleigh Public Service District (the “District”) will hold a public hearing at a special meeting on July 29, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., local time, at Sylvester Community Building, 32832 Coal River Road, Sylvester, WV 25181, for the following purposes: 1. To receive public comment on, and take up for consideration, the proposed sale and transfer to West Virginia-American Water Company (the “Company”) of the District’s water system, excluding the District’s water treatment plant and source of supply, the parcels of land on which the water treatment plant and source of supply are located and certain other real and personal property (the “Boone Raleigh PSD Water Distribution System”), on the terms, conditions and limitations set forth in a proposed Interim Water Sales and Asset Purchase Agreement between the District, the Company, and the County Commission of Boone County (the “Purchase Agreement”), a copy of which will be available for inspection at the hearing. 2. To consider and adopt a proposed Resolution (i) approving the terms, conditions and other provisions of the Purchase Agreement, subject to all other approvals required pursuant to the provisions of W. Va. Code 16-13A-1, et seq, and (ii) authorizing the District’s Board Members, or any of them, and the Secretary of the District to take all necessary steps and to execute and deliver all necessary documents to facilitate the transfer and conveyance of the Boone Raleigh PSD Water Distribution System. This meeting is open to the press and the public and any person interested may attend such meeting, may request information regarding the proposed sale of the Boone Raleigh PSD Water Distribution System and may offer comments on the proposed sale. LC-74815 7-13;2019