Legal Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE CO-LOCATION OF TELECOMMUNICATION ANTENNAE ON A ROOFTOP AT&T Mobility is providing notice of its intent to construct and operate A DAS (Distributed Antenna System) in an existing building pursuant to Federal Communication Commission’s Co-Location Programmatic Agreement. City Hall is at 501 Virginia St. East, Charleston, WV (38-21-2.83N and 81-38-18.78W). The building is 75.6 feet tall with the top of the GPS antenna at 76 feet. Only comments regarding potential effects on Historic Properties should be sent within 30 days of publication to: Teresa A. Schuller Mead & Hunt, Inc. 400 Tracy Way, Suite 200 Charleston, WV 25311 Phone: 681-313-4617 Fax: 304/345-6714 Teresa.schuller@ LC-90574 03-26;2020