Legal Notices

TO: ANKROM PROPERTIES, LLC 13 PINECREST LANE HUNTINGTON, WV 25705 NOTICE OF SALE Under authority of a certain Deed of Trust dated September 29, 2015, from Ankrom Properties, LLC, to Anthony Marks and Ronald D Beane, Trustees, securing Premier Bank, Inc., fka, First Bank of Charleston, Inc., in the amount of $50,000.00, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Cabell County, West Virginia in Trust Deed Book 2592, at page 727, default having been made in the payment of the obligation secured by said Deed of Trust, and sale having been requested in writing by the holder of the indebtedness secured, the undersigned, Raymond G. Dodson, Substitute Trustee, by virtue of Notice of Substitution of Trustee dated June 29, 2017, of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Book 390, at page 304, will offer for sale at the front door of the Cabell County Courthouse in Huntington, West Virginia, on June 9, 2020, at 11:00 o’clock, the certain real estate more commonly known as 1135 20th Ave., Huntington, WV, and conveyed in said Deed of Trust, as described as follows: All those certain lots or parcels of real estate situate in the City of Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia and being known and designated on a map of Ceramic Subdivision, a copy of which map was filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Cabell County, West Virginia, on October 28, 1904, in Map Book No. 1, as Map No. 1, as a cross-sectional part of Lots Numbers Thirty-Two (32) and Thirty-Three (33), Block D, and being more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a point in the west line of Twentieth Street, which point is southerly 40 feet from the point of intersection of the said line of Twentieth Street with the south line of Charleston Avenue (formerly Dresden Avenue); thence with the said line of Twentieth Street, southerly 45 feet; thence crossing said Lots 32 and 33, westerly and parallel to the said line of Charleston Avenue, 70 feet; thence northerly and parallel to the said line of Twentieth Street, 45 feet; thence crossing said Lots 32 and 33, easterly and parallel to the said line of Charleston Avenue, 70 feet to the point of BEGINNING. BEING the same property conveyed unto Ankrom Properties, LLC by that certain deed dated August 6, 2013, from Huntington Urban Renewal Authority, of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 1296, at page 542. This conveyance will also be made subject to any and all reservations, exceptions, restrictions, rights of way and easements contained in prior deeds affecting said property of record in said Clerk’s office or visible on the ground. This property will be conveyed by Trustee together with the hereditaments thereof and all building, structures and improvements now or hereafter situate thereon and all fixtures, materials, supplies, equipment, machinery and other property as is now or may hereafter be an accession thereto, be a fixture thereto, or be otherwise treated or deemed as a part of the land described herein, all of which is included in the term “property” as used herein. By way of example and not by way of limitation, such fixtures and accessions shall include heating, cooling and air-conditioning units, plumbing and electrical fixtures and equipment, built-in appliances of every kind, boilers, machinery, motors, wall-to-wall carpeting, storm doors and windows, awnings and all furnishings attached to the property. The above-described real estate will be conveyed by the undersigned Trustee to the purchaser by deed containing a Covenant of Special Warranty and subject to all liens, reservations and exceptions appearing in the record of title, and to the lien of all unpaid taxes, if any, which are entitled to priority over the lien of the aforesaid deed of trust. Purchaser must pay all transfer taxes, delinquent or current real estate taxes, title search and any costs related to recording of any Deed from the Trustee herein.TERMS OF SALE Any successful bidder shall pay 10% of the sales price as a deposit in Certified Funds or Cash at the time of sale with the balance to be paid within 30 days from date of sale. The above-described real estate will be sold by the undersigned Substitute Trustee by auction to the highest bidder subject to the right of the Trustee to reject all bids if in his opinion they are inadequate. The owner of the indebtedness secured by the above-described deeds of trust and the owner of any other interest in the properties to be sold shall have the right to bid.CONTINUANCE OR ADJOURNMENT OF SALE The Substitute Trustee reserves the right to continue the sale, or adjourn the sale for a time, or from time to time, and the place of sale, as herein above set forth, or any continuance or adjournment thereof. Dated: May 13, 2020 Raymond G. Dodson, Substitute Trustee LH-92478 5/19/26/20