Legal Notices

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING AND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SERVICES FRIENDS OF BLACKWATER, Inc. IMPORTANT NOTICE: A restricted period is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until approval of the Contract. Bidders are prohibited from contact related to this procurement. For Project Specific Clarifications: Ms. Judy Rodd, Director, 304-345-7663 SECTION 1: PROJECT DESCRIPTION Friends of Blackwater, Inc. is requesting submissions of qualifications from consulting Civil Engineering & Landscape Architecture firms to provide professional design engineering services for Trail Development, Trail Head Design, Pedestrian Bridge Design, Suspension Bridge Design, Landscape Architecture Design that takes into account historical perspectives of the region, Identification of Funding Sources, Consultant Management, Permitting, and Construction Management and Inspection Services. One firm will be selected to provide services for the project. 2.0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION Friends of Blackwater, Inc. is a non-profit conservation organization working in the West Virginia Highlands on trail improvement, heritage tourism, protection for public land and economic development. Friends of Blackwater’s projects include the West Virginia Center on Climate Change, the J.R. Clifford Project, and the Beaver Creek and North Fork Watershed Projects. This project is located in Tucker County between the towns of Thomas and Davis and will consist of non-motorized trail design. It will have multiple connections with existing City, State Park and Monongahela National Forest trail systems. Funding for the construction of this project has yet to be determined and will require direction and input from the selected consultant. SECTION 2: RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS Three (3) copies of the proposal must be received in a sealed envelope marked “Proposal Enclosed – Professional Engineering and Landscape Architecture Services Friends of Blackwater” no later than August 28, 2020 at 12:00 noon at the following address: FRIENDS OF BLACKWATER, ATTN: JUDY RODD, DIRECTOR PO BOX 247 571 DOUGLAS RD. THOMAS, WV, 26292 Those submitting proposals do so entirely at their own expense. There is no expressed or implied obligation by FRIENDS OF BLACKWATER, Inc. to reimburse any firm or individual for any costs incurred in preparing or submitting proposals, preparing or submitting additional information requested by FRIENDS OF BLACKWATER, Inc., or participating in any selection interviews. FRIENDS OF BLACKWATER, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals in whole or in part, to waive any and all informalities, require supplemental statements or information from any responsible party, negotiate potential contract terms with any respondent to this RFP, have discussions with any respondent to this RFP and/or clarify responses which do not conform to the instructions contained herein and to disregard all non-conforming, non- responsive or conditional proposals. SECTION 3: QUALIFICATIONS OF PROPOSER: Each proposer shall provide a statement of qualifications including: a. A brief history and description of the firm submitting the proposal. b. Identification of a project team manager or point of contact for all management issues. c. Identification of the firm’s professional staff members who will be assigned to this project if the firm’s proposal is selected. Include a resume for each such professional staff member that details qualifications, years and types of experience, education, accomplishments, etc. Specify the extent of the availability and commitment of each such professional staff member who will be assigned to this project if the firm’s proposal is selected. d. At least three (3) references, including contact names, addresses, and telephone numbers. e. A signed cover letter from a person within the firm who is authorized to make representations on behalf of the firm and to bind the firm. f. A comprehensive description of the firm’s experience in similar projects, including project funding, schedule and deliverables. g. Any additional information which would serve to distinguish the firm from other firms submitting proposals such as examples of work on projects similar to the project contemplated by this RFP, any special expertise or experience of the firm, etc. Proposal Submission Deadline August 28, 2020 at 12 pm LC-96416 08-07,14;2020