Legal Notices

NOTICE TO REDEEM To: Occupant, City of Charleston, IRS Attn: Advisory Group, Dale W Steager, Commissioner WV State Tax Dept, Commercial Testing & Engineering Co, Commercial Testing & Engineering Co c/o EJ Yaugh and their heirs, assigns, devisees and creditors. You will take notice that CHRISTIANA TRUST AS CUSTODIAN FOR GSRAN-Z LLC the purchaser of the tax liens on the following real estate: 46/100A CORNER RT 61 & 58TH ST & 186/1000A PT RELOCATED KAN located in CHAS SA District, Kanawha County, West Virginia, which was returned delinquent in the name of COMMERCIAL TESTING & ENGINEERING CO and for which the tax lien(s) was sold by the Sheriff of Kanawha County at the sale for delinquent taxes made on the 20th day of November, 2019, as requested that you be notified that a deed for such real estate will be made to him on or after the first day of April, 2021, as provided by law unless before that day you redeem such real estate. The amount you have to pay to redeem on the last day, March 31st, will be as follows: Amount paid at Sheriff sale $15,559.22 Interest to March 31st $2645.07 Amount of taxes paid on property since the sale $0.00 Interest to March 31st $0.00 Amount paid title examination (including interest) $575.00 Amount paid for notices $24.00 Amount paid for services $0.00 Amount paid for first class and certified letters $51.45 Amount paid for publication $300.00 Amount due Sheriff of Kanawha County $19,154.74 Amount due County Clerk (Cert. Of Redemption fee) $35.00 TOTAL (cash, cashier’s check or money orders) $19,189.74 (No personal checks will be accepted) You may redeem anytime before March thirty-first by paying the above total less any unearned interest. Given under my hand this 6th day of October 2020 Vera J. McCormick, Clerk of the County Commission of Kanawha County, West Virginia Cert. Of Sale #19-S-0418 Sheriff and County Clerk payments must be separate. Payments remitted to the Kanawha County Clerk Attn: Record Room 409 Virginia Street East Charleston, WV 25301. Phone #304-357-0240 LC-100685 11-05-12-19;2020