Legal Notices

NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF HAS PROPERTIES, LLC Under 31B-8-808 of the West Virginia Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, HAS PROPERTIES, LLC, a West Virginia limited liability company (the “Company”), hereby publishes notice of its dissolution. All creditors of and claimants against the Company are required to present their respective claims and demands immediately in writing to the Company in accordance with the following procedure: The written notice must identify the person or organization with the claim against the Company (“Claimant”), providing Claimant’s full legal name, as well as any aliases or trade names, mailing address, contact person and telephone number. Each claim shall be: itemized; verified by affidavit of the Claimant; state with particularity the nature of the claim, including detailed description of the facts giving rise to the claim, the date the activities giving rise to the claim occurred, and the amount of the claim; and be accompanied by proper vouchers. Written notice of the claim must be mailed to the following address: HAS PROPERTIES, LLC ATTN: CLINTON BURLEY 110 WYOMING ST CHARLESTON, WV 25302 Pursuant to 31B-8-808(b)(3) of the West Virginia Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, claims against HAS PROPERTIES, LLC will be barred unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is commenced within five years after the publication of this notice. LC-101382 11-12;2020