Legal Notices

UNITED DAIRY SNC NOTICE The following industrial user has demonstrated Significant Noncompliance as defined by Section 118-212 Item (a) (3) of Code of Ordinances of the City of Charleston WV, Chapter 118, Article III – Division 6. United Dairy discharged wastewater in violation of Industrial User Permit 109, as follows: 1. Part I.C.7: excessive discharge that would cause a treatment process upset and subsequent loss of treatment efficiency. 2. Part I.C.13: concentrations of a pollutant which will cause interference with the POTW. 3. Part V.A.1: discharge of milk products not generated during equipment cleaning. Sanitary Board of the City of Charleston, WV Tim G. Haapala, P.E. CSB Operations Manager (304)348-1084, x-220 LC-104414 01-14;2021