Legal Notices

NOTICE South Charleston Fire Civil Service Commission Notice of Competitive Examinations, and Future Appointment of Probationary Firefighter to the South Charleston Fire Department. Notice is hereby given, pursuant to West Virginia Code 8-15-18, that City of South Charleston Fire Department will be conducting a competitive examination given by the South Charleston Fire Civil Service Commission to establish a list for future probationary firefighters. In order to be placed on the list of eligible candidates from which appointments are made by the Mayor, interested parties must do the following: a. Obtain from and file with the South Charleston City Clerk’s office a completed verified application for appointment. The application must be given under oath or affirmation. b. Achieve a minimum score of 70% on a competitive written examination scheduled by the Commission for 9:00a.m. on June 26, 2021 at the South Charleston Community Center, 601 Jefferson Road, South Charleston. c. Undergo and pass a Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) scheduled by the Commission. d. Undergo a complete medical examination of applicants general condition of health in a manner prescribed by the Fire Civil Service Commission e. Each applicant must be not less than 18 nor more than 35 years of age on the date which he/she applies or be eligible for reinstatement under the provisions of West Virginia Code 8-15-17 of Fire Civil Service Commission Regulations. Applications can be picked up at the Department of Finance and Administration located at 238 4th Avenue or online at the City of South Charleston website ( under the Fire Department tab. No applicant will be considered for placement on the list of eligible, from which the appointments referred to above are to be made by the Mayor, unless their application is received by the South Charleston Fire Civil Service Commission on or before 4:30p.m June 11, 2021. LC-106868 03-05,06,09,11;2021