Legal Notices

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM) is soliciting bid/proposals from qualified firms to perform independent property appraisals on selected properties and to provide a full service appraisal management software system. Bid/proposals are due in BRIM’s offices in Charleston, WV by 3:00 P.M. on August 6, 2021. Only sealed envelopes, clearly marked as required by the Request for Proposals, will be accepted. No changes in bids/proposals will be entertained by BRIM. BRIM retains the right to reject any or all bids/proposals. Copies of the Request for Proposals can be obtained at BRIM’s offices at 1124 Smith Street, Suite 3400, Charleston, WV 25301, or by calling Lora Myers at (304) 414-3442 or Melody Duke at (304)352-0230. The Request for Proposal may also be found on BRIM’s website at brim.wv.gov. LC-111360 06-08,15;2021