Legal Notices

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Environmental Consulting Services Former Lyon Oil Property 10 Avenue C, Madison, WV Project Background The Boone County Community Development Corporation (BCCDC) is the current owner of the former Lyon Oil property located at 10 Avenue C, Madison, WV. The overall goal of this project is to remediate the property to make way for new economic development including river access and related recreational and business use. With this end goal in mind, the BCCDC has successfully obtained an EPA Brownfields Cleanup grant. Approximately $181,000 has been secured for cleanup activities. Grant funds will be used to address surface and subsurface soils contaminated with petroleum-based substances and heavy metals. The planned remediation strategy includes removal of above-ground storage tanks and related storage containers, a combination of partial removal and / or capping of remaining impacted soils, and entering the site into the WV Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP), allowing for site re-use to safely occur while remaining contaminants are appropriately monitored and managed. A Risk-based Environmental Assessment will be required as part of this VRP project. All site activities will be conducted under the supervision of a WV Licensed Remediation Specialist. The selected environmental firm will be responsible for all site remediation activities. The project is expected to start by early 2022, and be completed within a 36-month timeframe. RFP Submittal Components Prior to submitting a RFP package, interested firms can visit the site, but a site visit is not required. The BCCDC is requesting interested and qualified firms to submit a full RFP package for consideration specifically for this project. Complete information must be provided on each of the following items: 1. Firm name, address, phone number, email. 2. List of key staff members who will play significant roles in the project, including the WV Licensed Remediation Specialist, with resumes documenting experience and qualifications of these persons. 3. A representative listing of projects similar to the proposed project performed by the firm. 4. At least two references with contact information from organizations that have used the firm’s services for similar projects (references will be contacted). 5. Firms experience specifically in the EPA Brownfields Grant Program, including grant management, required reporting, community engagement, and specific projects utilizing this funding source. 6. If applicable, a list of subcontractors to be utilized by the firm, including their current Disadvantaged Business Enterprise status (if applicable) and the specific project activities to be performed by each. 7. Discuss how the firm will perform required tasks to maximize the available budget; be specific. 8. A statement verifying the firm has the capacity and availability to conduct this project within the specified timeframe. 9. Any supporting information and/or documentation to clarify the expertise of the firm specifically for completion of this project in a timely, professional, and cost-saving manner. Other RFP Submittal Information The BCCDC encourages minority business enterprises to respond to this request and will not discriminate against any interested firm or individual on the grounds of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin in the awarding of this contract. Be advised that the firm selected must be applicably licensed in the State of WV at the time of RFP submittal. There is no page limit for this RFP, however, including excessive and/or unnecessary information and materials may result in a lower overall score. Be concise in RFP submittal components. RFP Submittal Instructions In order to be considered prospective firms must submit three (3) RFP packages by 4:00 pm Friday October 29th, 2021 to: Kris Mitchell, Director Boone County Community Development Corporation 1 Avenue C, Suite 101 Madison, WV 25130 Any questions should be directed to Ms. Mitchell Email: director Each sealed envelope containing an RFP must be plainly marked on the outside as “RFP – BCCDC EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant, Former Lyon Oil Property”. The envelope should bear on the outside the name of the submitting firm and full address. Late submittals or submittals lacking all requested information will not be considered. Review Process and Award The BCCDC will utilize a review process using a Committee consisting of its Board / staff, City and/or County representative(s), and outside expertise to score each RFP. Scores will be based specifically on the RFP provided by the firm using each of the requested information items. Scores will be weighted based on importance to the project of each requested information item. The highest scoring firm will be contacted, and a meeting date set to review the project and allow the highest scoring firm to make a presentation on its expertise and plans for this project, including personnel and contracted cost information details, to the Committee. Based on meeting and presentation discussions, the BCCDC will seek to reach an agreement for services with the highest scoring firm. In the event an agreement can’t be reached with the highest scoring firm, the next highest scoring firm will be notified to meet with the Committee to review the project and make a presentation, following the same procedures. Should the BCCDC be unable to reach an agreement with either firm, the next highest firm will be contacted, and this same procedure followed. The BCCDC reserves the right to reject any or all RFP’s and associated agreements for services. LC-118087 10-13,20;2021