Legal Notices

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF BOONE COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA IN THE INTEREST OF: J.W. DOB: 06/16/2006 Juvenile Abuse Neglect No. CC-03-2021-JA-91 Adult Respondents: Terri Hilderbran ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this proceeding is to determine whether or not the above listed child is abused or neglected. It appears that the mother, Terri Hilderbran’s whereabouts, are unknown in Kanawha County. Notice is hereby given that a hearing in the above styled matter will take place in the Circuit Court of Boone County on the 15th day of December, 2021, at 3:30 PM, before Judge Stacy Nowicki-Eldridge at the Boone County Courthouse, located at 200 State Street in Madison, West Virginia. These proceedings are closed to the general public. Terri Hilderban, mother of J.W. (DOB 06/16/2006), has the right to legal counsel at every stage of these proceedings and if she cannot afford legal representation, counsel will be appointed by the Court on the filing of the proper affidavit. The above styled proceedings may, upon final disposition, result in the permanent termination of the parental rights of Terri Hilderbran, mother of J.W. (DOB 06/16/2006), with respect to the said child. A copy of an Amended Petition may be obtained by Terri Hilderban from the undersigned Clerk of this Office, located at the Boone County Courthouse, 200 State Street in Madison West Virginia. Sam Burns, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT 200 State Street Boone County Courthouse Madison, WV 25130 Presented by: Mark W. Browning (#0508) Assistant Prosecuting Attorney LC-120825 11-27/12-04;2021