Request for Qualifications Legal Services Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority The Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority, a public corporation in the State of West Virginia, is soliciting proposals for Legal Services associated with the Authorities daily operations. The qualified candidate or firm must be licensed in the state of West Virginia in the practice of Law and have extensive knowledge in working with Coal, Oil, Gas, Timber and Land Holding Companies on real-estate and right of way issues in addition to experience in West Virginia state and local government operations. The qualified candidate or firm must also have working knowledge and experience in lease agreements, contracts, state code drafting, human resources and other areas outlined in the bid document. Proposal submission information and required documents can be picked up at the Hatfield McCoy Administrative Office located at 179 Rita Mall Road, Lyburn West Virginia or by email request to Shannon Orso, Director of Finance & Human Resources at [email protected].