PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA CHARLESTON CASE NO. 15-0682-E-GI GENERAL INVESTIGATION INTO NET METERING IN WEST VIRGINIA, NOTICE OF FILING On May 5, 2015, the Commission created a General Investigation and a process for the formation of a Net Metering Task Force to review the (i) net metering issues that need to be developed in West Virginia, (ii) studies that should occur, and (iii) possible revisions to the Commission’s Rules Governing Electric Utility Net Metering Arrangements and Interconnections, 150 C.S.R. 33. Staff will appoint one representative each from technical Staff and legal Staff. The legal Staff representative shall serve as chair of the Net Metering Task Force. The following entities also shall appoint a representative to the Net Metering Task Force: (i) the Consumer Advocate Division, (ii) Appalachian Power Company and Wheeling Power Company dba American Electric Power, and (iii) Monongahela Power Company and The Potomac Edison Company. In addition, the Commission seeks voluntary participation from additional stakeholders representing interests associated with solar and other renewable resources, environmental organizations, and citizen action groups with at least one representative for each interest group. The chair of the Net Metering Task Force will select task force members from those individuals and groups expressing interest so as to create a task force that will produce thoughtful and balanced recommendations for the Commission. Anyone desiring to participate on the Net Metering Task Force in this proceeding should do so within twenty days following the date of this publication. Comments may be filed at any time unto further order of the Commission. All requests to participate on the Net Metering Task Force or comments should be addressed to Ingrid Ferrell, Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323. Net Metering Task Force