PUBLIC HEARING MEETING: THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015 4:30 p.m NOTICE OF HEARING ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT Notice is hereby given that the following has been appealed from the action of the City Manager in refusing to grant the following zoning permits: ITEM 1: Application # 10,224 by Joe and Patricia McKenna for a permit to apply for a West Virginia beer and wine license that would allow them to serve with meals. (Zoning: BN) Building to be used for restaurant with bar use on my property located at 3029 E. Cumberland Road, between Bland Road, Cumberland Road and Christie Manor Drive, Lot No. 45, Section No. 973 E Cumberland Road or County Map 54, Parcel No. 122. REASON FOR REFUSAL: Section 44-141 Special exceptions. The Zoning Board of Adjustment must approve the proposed bar or tavern license use in BN Zoning. ITEM 2: Application # 10,227 by Patricia Valentine for a permit to erect a 4 ft. chain link fence in front, along side and in back. Fence to be used for fence enclosure on my property located at 365 Union Street, between Union Street, Essex Street and Preston Street, Lot No. pt.lot 17,18, Section No. 938 or County Map 26, Parcel No. 311,312. (Zoning: R-2) REASON FOR REFUSAL: Section 44 -90 Accessory uses in residential areas. (a) Fences or enclosure walls (1) A fence or enclosure wall shall not exceed a height of three feet when located along the front lot line or when located on any side line, from the front lot line to the setback line. All wire fences are prohibited along front and side lines, except by approval of the zoning board of adjustment. (3) A fence or enclosure wall along a street, whether side or rear, shall not exceed three feet in height. ITEM 3: Application # 10,223 by Lori Shrader for a permit to use a room for a bridal room in my home. A room to be used for bridal room on my property located at 1222 Thompson Avenue. Between Maryland Avenue, Thompson Avenue and Walton Avenue, Lot No.16, Section No. 1001 or County Map 43, Parcel No. 58. (Zoning: R-2) REASON FOR REFUSAL: Section 44-86 Special Exceptions #12 Home occupations ITEM 4 Application # 10,222 by Nikita Lane for a permit to have a two seated salon in my home. A room to be used for two seated salon on my property located at 206 Baldwin Avenue. Between Wall Street, Baldwin Avenue and Powell Street, Lot No. 11, Section No. 370 or County Map 17, Parcel No. 27. (Zoning; RMF) REASON FOR REFUSAL: Section 44-86 Special Exceptions #12 Home occupations A public hearing will be held in the Board of Directors Room, the New Municipal Complex at 200 Rogers Street, Bluefield, West Virginia on Thursday, June 4 at 4:30 pm. If you have questions, you may contact me at 304-327-2443. If you wish to either support or file an objection to the application, you may do so in writing prior to the public hearing or you may appear at the meeting. Bobbi Kersey, City Clerk