NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING To the Citizens of the City of Bluefield; And other interested parties. You are hereby notified and you will please take notice that on June 23, 2015, at 11:00 a.m., the Board of Directors of the City of Bluefield will hold a public hearing on and consider for final adoption an ordinance titled “AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND PART II, CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF BLUEFIELD, CHAPTER 2, ADMINISTRATION; ARTICLE III, FINANCE AND TAXATION; DIVISION 2, SPECIAL CHARGES FOR MUNICIPAL SERVICES; SUBDIVISION II, FIRE PROTECTION, AS SET OUT HEREINAFTER BY THE AMENDMENTS TO SECTIONS 2-169 AND 2-172 AND THE ENACTMENT OF SUBSECTION (C) OF 2-172; AND BY THE AMENDMENT OF SUBDIVISION III.” One of the objects of this Ordinance is to increase the fee for fire protection. The hearing and the final vote will be held in the Director’s Room, 4th Floor, Municipal Complex, Rogers St., Bluefield, West Virginia 24701. At which time and place you may be heard. Copies of the proposed ordinance are available in the office of the City Clerk during regular business hours. In the event that thirty percent of the qualified voters in the city limits of Bluefield by petition duly signed by them in their own handwriting and filed with the City Clerk within fifteen days after the expiration of such publication, protest against such ordinance as enacted or amended, the ordinance shall not become effective until it shall be ratified by a majority of the legal votes cast thereon by the qualified voters of the City of Bluefield at a regular municipal or special municipal election, as the governing body shall direct. Given under my hand this the 8th day of June, 2015. Bobbi Kersey City Clerk