POCAHONTAS HIGH SCHOOL PROPOSALS The Tazewell County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is soliciting proposals to purchase the former Pocahontas High School Property near Pocahontas, Virginia. The IDA is soliciting proposals for purchase and use of (1) the former high school building; or (2) a separate lot behind the high school which was the former football field; or (3) both the High School Building and the football field lot. Proposers may submit proposals for either one of the two lots or for both lots together. The lots would be divided as shown on a map of the property posted at the Tazewell County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, on the County’s website, and available at the County Administrator’s Office at 108 East Main Street, Tazewell, Virginia. The Authority seeks proposals stating the price the proposer would pay for the property and the principal use the proposer would make of the property for at least five years. While the purchase price is not the only consideration in evaluation of the proposals, the purchase price will be the primary consideration. The property would be conveyed subject to restrictive covenants that the sale of adult, sexually explicit material, adult entertainment or the distribution of prescription medications to treat drug addiction on the premises would be prohibited. The premises would be sold AS IS. Proposals must include any proposed improvements to the property the proposer intends to make. Proposals will be evaluated based on the total benefit to the Authority and the community including the total purchase price offered, the total investment in improvements to the property proposed, and the benefits and consequences to the community of the proposed use of the property. Proposals must be marked “Pocahontas High School Property Bids” and delivered to the County Administrator’s Office at 108 East Main Street, Tazewell, Virginia 24651. Proposals not received before 1:00PM on October 11th, 2015 will not be considered. The Authority will negotiate first with the proposer whose proposal is deemed by the IDA to be in the best interest of the County. If an agreement is not reached the IDA will negotiate with the next highest ranked proposer. The IDA reserves the right to reject all proposals and proceed in the best interests of the County.