010077537 November 6, 13
The city of Morgantown is hereby providing notice of a PROPERTY AUCTION for property located on Broadway Avenue, Star City, West Virginia. Legal description of the property is as follows:

Tax Map Parcel Deed Book Page Dimensions of Lot

1 12.1 633 509 80′ x 100′

The auction will be held on Monday, November 23, 2015 at 2:00p.m. at City Hall in the Council Chambers located at 389 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV. Bidding will begin at the appraised value of $15,000.00.

Terms of the sale will require a total down-payment of 15{4ceb532c6f579389df471c6c1e832caf2346b74dc60fcbf6aabd4d29df3baf9c} non-refundable, the day of the sale. The balance of the accepted bid will be due at closing. The City of Morgantown will grant a quit claim deed on this property.

All interested parties are welcome to attend. The City of Morgantown will entertain all legitimate bids at or over $15,000.00 and will not discriminate in the sale of the property on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, or physical disability.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the Engineering Department at the City of Morgantown. 304-284-7412.