010080087 December 11

CASE NO. 15-1870-E-CN

Application for a certificate of convenience and necessity to
construct transmission facilities in Kanawha and Clay Counties.


On November 19, 2015, Transource West Virginia, LLC (Transource) filed a duly verified application for a certificate of convenience to construct transmission facilities in Kanawha and Clay Counties. More specifically, Transource proposes to construct a fifteen-mile transmission line and install two 138kV switching stations.

The application is on file with and available for public inspection at the Public Service Commission, 20 1 Brooks Street, in Charleston, West Virginia.

Transource estimates that construction will cost approximately $59.5 million. Transource intends to finance the Project through a combination of construction financing, obtained from its direct parent company, Transource Energy, or from a third party, and equity capital from

Transource Energy, and any additional financing vehicles for which Transource may seek Commission approval, as required. Transource will seek the necessary financing authorizations from the FERC for both short term and long term debt authority for the construction and permanent financing of the transmission assets and affiliate financing authority from this Commission, as required under W.Va. Code 524-2-12, for any loans or capital contributions from Transource Energy to Transource.

Transource will not serve retail utility customers in West Virginia, and therefore, there will be no
direct impacts in the form of Transource rates charged to retail customers. Transource will provide wholesale transmission services throughout the region and its costs are passed on to electric utilities through its FERC approved transmission tariff. To the extent that a portion of Transource costs are paid by West Virginia electric utilities, there will be some impact on retail rates in West Virginia.

Transource estimates that the impact on a West Virginia residential retail customer’s monthly bill as a result of this project, assuming 1000 kWH per month usage, is an increase of approximately $0.0829.

Anyone desiring to protest or intervene in this Certificate filing should file a written protest or request to intervene within thirty (30) days following the date of this publication unless otherwise modified by Commission order. Failure to timely protest or request to intervene can affect your right to protest aspects of this certificate case or to participate in future proceedings. All protests or requests to intervene should briefly state the reason for the protest or request to intervene. Requests to intervene must comply with the rules on intervention set forth in the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. All protests and requests to intervene should be addressed to Ingrid Ferrell, Executive Secretary, P. O. Box 812, Charleston, West Virginia 25323.

In the absence of substantial protest received within thirty (30) days of this publication, the Commission may waive formal hearing and render its decision based on the evidence submitted with the application and the Commission’s review thereof.



IN THE FAMILY COURT OF MERCER COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA TO: Adam Earl Snow 117 Stormy Lane Bluefield, WV 24701 Unknown Respondent’s Date of Birth Magistrate Court Case No.: 15-D-0629 Family Court Civil Action No.: 15-DV-585 ORDER OF PUBLICATION (PROTECTIVE ORDER/ HEARING DATE) 1. The object of this suit is to obtain protection from the Respondent. 2. The object of this publication by Class I legal advertisement is to notify Respondent of the PROTECTIVE ORDER prohibiting the above-named Respondent from having contact with certain individuals. This Order may affect property and other rights of the Respondent. Violating this Order may subject the Respondent to criminal sanctions. The Respondent is strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of this Protective Order and Petition from the Circuit Clerk of the county listed above. TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: If appearing by evidence duly taken in this action that you could not be found in or that you have left the State of West Virginia, you are hereby notified of the ORDER referenced above, a copy of the Petition and Order may be obtained at the Mercer County, Circuit Clerk’s office. This PROTECTIVE ORDER will remain in effect until December 15,, 2015. A Final Hearing is scheduled for the 15th day of December, 2015, at 10:30 A.M. before the Mercer County Family Court. Issued this 3rd day of November, 2015 at 10:29 AM. Julie Ball Circuit Clerk BY: Holly Pedneau her deputy