010079338 December 1, 12, 19
Notice of Sale
MDI Inc, DBA Storemore Storage
Office: 1753 Mileground Road, Morgantown, WV 26505
This is to notify the following that on Saturday, January 2nd, at 9:00AM property stored at Storemore Storage, will be sold at public sale due to non-payment of rent:

9:00AM – 1753 Mileground Road, Morgantown WV 26505

8 Robin Flanigan
62 Clydene Mason
545 Hector Caraballo-Bultted
546 Hector Caraballo-Bultted

11:00AM- 651 Cheat Road, Morgantown, WV 26508

80 Booker Walton
191 Richard Thorne
207 Jarred Roby
212 Melvin McKinley
219 Rachel Buffington
241 David Clark
242 David Clark
252 Tanya Brown
253 Jeff Giosi
277 Carmine Diulus
280 Holbert McDonald
290 Jessie Primovero
376 Tammy Lindsey

Sale will include any and all items stored in the unit(s). Highest bidder will be awarded the unit, during live auction on day of the sale. Purchasers must pay in full, cash only, winning bid amount, plus a $50 deposit. Those wishing to reclaim their property must pay any outstanding debt in full, cash only, by 1:00PM Friday, December 18th. Upon payment in full, the unit must be vacated, within 24 hours.