NOTICE OF INTENT TO DEMOLISH OWNER: Romey Cole 4971 Salton Dr. Brunswick, OH 44212-6446 Notice is given hereby that the single-family dwelling and two accessory structures located on certain real property described herein, having been condemned by the Code Enforcement Department for the City of Princeton, have been scheduled for demolition due to the owner’s failure to comply with the condemnation order concerning the said residential structure located at 117 Lower Bell Avenue, in the City of Princeton, West Virginia (City Tax Map 3, Parcel 25). Further, the City of Princeton is in the process of making plans to demolish these structures as soon as possible. Notice is provided hereby to inform any party having a legally established interest in said property of the City of Princeton’s intention to remove said structure by demolition. Please direct any questions relative to this legal notice to the Code Enforcement Director by calling (304) 487-5022. Dated this the 16th day of December, 2015 Kenneth E. Clay, City Clerk