Legal Notice Time Warner Cable’s agreements with programmers and broadcasters to carry their services and stations routinely expire from time to time. We are usually able to obtain renewals or extensions of such agreements, but in order to comply with applicable regulations, we must inform you when an agreement is about to expire. The following agreements are due to expire soon, and we may be required to cease carriage of one or more of these services/stations in the near future: WCYB (SD & HD), WCYB D2, WEMT (SD & HD), WEMT D2, Youtoo, Pivot, HBO (SD & HD), HBO West, HBO2 (East & West), HBO Comedy (East & West), HBO Family (East & West), HBO Signature (East & West), HBO Zone (East & West), HBO On Demand, Cinemax (East & West), Max Latino, 5StarMax, ActionMax, MoreMax (East & West), OuterMax, ThrillerMax (East & West), MovieMax, Cinemax On Demand, ShopHQ/EVINE Live, POP/TVGN, Music Choice (channels 901-950). In addition, from time to time we make certain changes in the services that we offer in order to better serve our customers. The following changes are planned: On or after January 19th, WGN will be added to Standard TV on channel 64 in Richlands, Grundy and Keen Mountain. Effective February 1, 2016, WKPT will no longer be an ABC affiliate. H2 Network may be replaced by Vice Channel on or around February 29, 2016. For more information about ?your local channel line-up, visit