CITY OF BLUEFIELD SEEKING REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL ON NEW WEBSITE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The City of Bluefield is seeking proposals for the build out of a second website called This site will focus on economic development, tourism, recreation, and quality of life in Bluefield. The municipality’s mission is: The City of Bluefield seeks to provide a safe community to live, work, and visit. Ultimately, city staff wish to showcase a high quality-of-life and a wonderful outdoor environment to play. City staff would like to see a lifestyle view of Bluefield presented through the use of photos. The aim is to showcase the mission statement through the use of photos while staying consistent to our brand identity and marketing themes. The site should also showcase opportunities for businesses to locate or expand in Bluefield. All proposals for the RFP must be received no later than January 29, 2016. The RFP will include personnel hours, outsourced services, materials, and other related expenses. The cost for providing such service will be in accordance with the cost estimates presented. Should contractors submit a joint proposal, subcontractors and partners must be identified in the proposal. Proposal teams/contractors should estimate a launch date no later than March 1, 2016 unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. Contractors and teams should create a demo site and a demo mobile site to be orally presented during the evaluation process. Up to three demo sites may be presented at the oral presentation. The opportunity to present sample sites will be given during the first business week of February. Oral presentations and demo sites will be part of the evaluation process. The City Manager will make a decision prior to February 5, 2016 based on committee recommendations. The City of Bluefield reserves the right to further contract with winning contractor on the redevelopment of the City of Bluefield website without requiring a second request for proposal. Contractors are welcome to contact the City with questions or concerns at 304.327.2401 ext. 2402 or by emailing A full copy of the request for proposal can be found at the City of Bluefield website in the news section or in the city clerk’s office at City Hall