REVENUE AND EXPENDITURES MERCER COUNTY FIRE SERVICE BOARD 2015-16 Beginning Fund Balance $ 57,643.25 Revenues: Fire Service Fees 609,617.88 Additional Fees 22,722.08 Misc. Receipts 30.00 Returned Check Recovery 209.77 Interest: Money Market 209.94 Savings 5.71 Total Interest 215.65 TOTAL REVENUES $690,438.63 Expenditures: Audits 3,348.00 Capital Outlay 1,028.99 Contracted Services: Ghent Vol. Fire Dept. 3,500.00 Salaries 70,619.20 Dominion Systems, LLC 3,300.00 Bluefield Supply 23.82 Total Contracted Services 77,44.02 Office Supplies & Expenses 12,229.83 Payments to Fire Depts: Athens VFD 57,100.00 Bluestone Valley VFD 49,500.00 Bluewell VFD 60,900.00 Bramwell VFD 57,100.00 East River VFD 98,900.00 Green Valley VFD 66,600.00 Matoaka VFD 55,200.00 Montcalm VFD 51,300.00 Oakvale VFD 51,400.00 Total Payments to Fire Depts. 550,000.00 Misc. Expenses 125.49 Refunds 570.42 Returned Checks 308.71 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $645,054.46 ENDING FUND BALANCE 45,384.17 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF MERCER, TO WIT: I, STEVEN SOMMERS, Secretary/Treasurer of the Mercer County Fire Service Board, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of the financial condition of the Mercer County Fire Service Board as shown by the records in said office. Given under my hand this the 12th day of August 2016. Steven Sommers Secretary/Treasurer MERCER COUNTY FIRE SERVICE BOARD Subscribed and sworn to before me in my said County, this the 12th day of August 2016. My commission expires January 26, 2019. Anegla D. Buckner NOTARY PUBLIC