010109864 March 15, 22

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Robert D. Berryman, Substitute Trustee, under that certain deed of trust executed by Samoa, LLC, a West Virginia limited liability company, to Douglas J. Leech and Timothy P. Saab, Trustees, securing Centra Bank, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Monongalia County, West Virginia, in Trust Deed Book 1736, at page 59, having been assigned to Michael A. Vecchio, Jr., by Assignment dated the 28th day of April, 2014, and recorded in the Clerk’s Office in Assignment Book 122, at page 266; will offer for sale at public auction to the highest responsible bidder, at the front door of the Monongalia County Courthouse, 243 High Street, Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia, on the 12th day of April, 2017, at 1:00 p.m., the following described lot or parcel of real estate, together with the improvements thereon and all appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate, lying and being in Union District, Monongalia County, West Virginia more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a point in the southern line of Monongalia County Route 67/1, said point being a common corner with the City of Morgantown; thence with two lines along the City of Morgantown, S. 8°44’50" W. 2.00 feet to a one and one-half inch iron pipe (found); thence S. 8°44’50" W. 207.00 feet to a one and one-half inch iron pin (found), said iron pin being a common corner with Albert J. Hurley, Jr. and Ruth R. Huggins; thence with three lines along Hurley and Huggins, S. 87°09’59" E. 210.14 feet to one-half inch iron pin (found); thence N. 8°43’51" E. 206.92 feet to a one-half inch iron pin (found); thence N. 8°43’51" E. 2.12 feet to a point in the southern line of Monongalia County Route 67/1; thence with the line of Monongalia County Route 67/1, N. 87°10’43" W. 210.08 feet to a point, the place of beginning, containing 1.003 acres, more or less, as more particularly depicted on that certain map or plat entitled Plat of Re-survey for James E. Hurley and Lori A. Hurley prepared by David E. Satterfield of Cebram, LLC, dated August 26, 2005, recorded in Deed Book 1302, at Page 57 and is incorporated herein by reference for descriptive and all other pertinent purposes.

And being the same real estate conveyed to Samoa, LLC by Adam Cantoni, by Deed dated the 24th day of August, 2009, and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Monongalia County, West Virginia, in Deed Book 1393, at page 84.

Said sale will be "AS IS" and will be without covenant or warranty and will be subject to all property taxes and transfer stamps and to all existing reservations, restrictions, exceptions, conditions, easements, rights-of-way or other servitudes, if any, made, retained or created in prior deeds of record in the chain of title to the property herein described. The sale is also expressly subject to any and all other deeds of trust, judgments, liens, and all other encumbrances of any nature whatsoever, if any, having priority over the deed of trust referred to herein. If Trustee is unable to convey insurable or marketable title to purchaser for any reason, purchaser’s sole remedy is the return of the deposit.

The undersigned reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to continue the sale of the real estate from time to time by announcement made at the time of the sale or any continuance thereof. The current holder of the underlying financial obligation reserves the right to place a bid at the sale.

The undersigned shall be under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the property to vacate the property, and any personal property and/or belongings remaining at the property after the foreclosure sale. Currently the property is in use as a self-storage facility. Multiple tenants have stored personal property on the property and have rights provided by statute. A purchaser should become familiar with the statutes providing tenants with rights to continue occupancy after foreclosure.

The undersigned was appointed as Substitute Trustee by Appointment of Successor Trustee dated July 30, 2014, of record in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Trust Deed Book 2014, at page 436.

TERMS OF SALE: $30,000.00 in cash or certified funds on day of sale made payable to Robert D. Berryman, Trustee, balance of bid in cash within 30 days of the date of sale.

Robert D Berryman
Substitute Trustee
2917 University Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26505
(304) 296-6250