NOTICE Dear Parent or Guardian:


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Tazewell County Public Schools receives funds under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to help in providing special education and related services to students with disabilities. This Act and the Federal regulations governing implementation of the Act require the local school division to set aside funds for provision of services to children attending private schools or who are home schooled. The funds must be used to provide services to children who are eligible for special education services under IDEA.

Tazewell County Public Schools must decide which children will be served and what services will be provided to the eligible children who attend private school or are home schooled. You are invited to consult with school division personnel to discuss the issue of provision of services to children attending private schools or who are home schooled. Topics to be discussed include:
— The child find process, including how these students can participate equitably in the process, and how parents, teachers, and private school officials will be informed of the process;
— The determination of the proportionate amount of federal funds available to serve these students, including how the amount will be calculated;
— The consultation process, including how the process will operate throughout the school year to ensure that parentally placed private school children with disabilities, who are identified through the child find process, can ‘meaningfully participate’ in special education and related services;
— How, where, and by whom special education and related services will be provided to these students, including the types of services (i.e. direct or alternative service delivery mechanisms), and how such services will be apportioned if funds are insufficient to serve all children, including how and when these decisions will be made; and
— What happens if a disagreement arises between Tazewell County Public Schools and private school representatives regarding the provision of services, or the types of services provided.

A meeting is scheduled for April 12, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. at the Stephen Peery Center 100 Bulldog Lane, Tazewell, VA to solicit suggestions from parents and representatives of private/home schooled children. The school division is responsible for making the final decision with regard to provision of services. However, we do wish to offer you an opportunity to let us know what you feel are the most important needs.

In order to be eligible to receive special education services under this provision, the child must:
— Be eligible to receive services under IDEA;
— Be placed by the parent(s) in a private or parochial school; or
— Be home schooled under Section 22.1-254.1 of the Code of Virginia;
— Need services that the local school division has determined will be provided with the set aside funds.

We encourage you to meet with us. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may call Melinda K. Smith, Supervisor of Special Programs, at 276-988-5511 ext. 2480 or
Carrie H. Pruett, Bookkeeper of Special Programs or send your written suggestions to: Tazewell County Public Schools/Special Programs, 506 Jeffersonville Street, Tazewell, VA 24651.

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